ibis 300 Tolerance

ibis®300 Tolerance is readily adapted to your recipes and baking process, and acts at each stage of production, from the dough’s development during mixing to the final baking.

ibis®300 Tolerancereinforces the gluten and smoothes differences between flours. Extensibility and tolerance are enhanced for all types process.

  • Easier handling and working:

ibis®300 Tolerancefacilitates mixing and ensures a better dough smoothing. The gluten network building is optimal and helps dough development.

  • Reduces elasticity:

ibis®300 Tolerancegives extensibility to the dough after kneading,which highly facilitates moulding. The machinability of the dough is improved.

  • Increased product volume:

ibis®300 Tolerancedevelops your products and gives them a generous volume thanks to a better gas retention

  • High quality finished products:

The products achieved with ibis@300 Tolerance have an appealing general aspect and enhanced flavours

INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour; Yeast extract; vegetable oil; Food additives:Calcium sulphate; DATEM; Ascorbic acid; Enzymes (Alpha-amylase; Amyloglucosidase; Glucose-oxydase; Hemicellulase; Lipase; Maltogenic amylase).

LEVEL OF USE: From 0.5 to 1% on flour weight i.e.: 500-1000g for 100kg flour.

DIRECTION FOR USE: Put ibis®300 Tolerance into the flour, add other ingredients and then start mixing.

PACKAGING: Carton box containing 10 sachets of 1kg, i.e.: 10kg net weight.

STORAGE: ibis®300 Tolerance is a top-quality product which requires careful storage. To ensure the best results, store ibis®300 Tolerancein a cool and dry place (temperature should not exceed 30°C).

SHELF LIFE: 18 months from production date

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