Saf-instant small sachet

Saf-instant small sachet 燕牌家庭小包装SAF-小包装-单页 Saf Instant Small Sachet

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Saf-instant domestic small sachet is favored by the families in the world because of its high stability and excellent performance. It can perfectly match with different recipes of bread, Mantou and pizza, and is suitable for baking oven and household baking equipment. No matter whether it is directly mixed into flour, or mixed in the dough upon kneading, Saf-instant yeast can be quickly and evenly spread in the dough and play its best fermentation ability. No matter whether you are the first time to try making simple pastry, or bake fancy bread at your wish, Saf-instant can perfectly match different making processes, showing its magic power.

Ingredients: yeast, Sorbitan Monostearate (491)

Saf-instant small sachet (15g) can leaven 1.5-3kg dough; after resolving the yeast into emulsifiable solution with lukewarm water at 35℃, knead it into smooth dough by adding adequate flour and water.
Ferment the dough at the indoor temperature (ideal temperature: 30-32℃) for 30-50min.
After the volume of the dough is increased by 100% or honeycombs are formed in the dough, it can be shaped, and after fermentation for about 10min. after shaping, baking can be started. (if the indoor temperature is too low, the fermentation time may be appropriately prolonged)

Storage Method: stored in a shady, cool and dry place; once package is opened, frozen with bag neck tightly sealed

Shelf life: 2 years

Packaging Specifications: 5g × 200 bags/case; 15g × 200 bags/case

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