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Several needs (Applications & Process) / several answers

As we know, each industrial customers has different process (Straight dough, frozen dough, retarded dough…) and different requirements on finished products (volume, texture, softness, machinability, extend life…), LESAFFRE creates a specific range of industrial improver products with specific functionalities and provides each customer a Tailor-made technical solutions if necessary.

Safe & Convenient

LESAFFRE Industrie® has been especially designed considering industrial clients’ requirement regarding safety and convenient aspects.


Improved formula reduces considerably powder emission during various handling operation in bakeries and laboratories, protects bakers from allergy problems.

100 % Food grade and allowed raw materials

No Bromate, No A.D.A


Easy to open (no knife / cutter => foreign bodies control) / Non fragment
Anti moisture and waterproof material limiting risk of odour contamination during storage / microbial contamination…
Material allowed entering in the production room / Easy detection (blue colour inside)


Easy Handling weight (10 Kg) / Design for piling safety (size and resistance) / Self standing


Easy identification with mentions in Chinese and English language, production Batch N° for Tracking


Eco Friendly (limitation of waste pack, friendly materials) / Selective recycling permitted (no multi composition)

LESAFFRE Industrie® Multipurpose

Optimizes the bread volume and crumb structure, provides a golden fine and smooth surface
with a stable fermentation finished products are more consistent.

LESAFFRE Industrie® Tolerance

Ensures a better dough smoothing and gas retention, improves dough’s machinability and extensibility,
optimize the dough’s tolerance for long fermentation, finished products with increased volum

LESAFFRE Industrie® Xtendlife

Limit the usage of chemical preservative, improves the softness of breads, mildew resistant, increases the shelf life and freshness of finished products, and reduces significantly the unsold. To add in addition to your regular improver.

LESAFFRE Industrie® Softness

Improves the softness of bread, provides a well-structured and thin alveolus crumb texture,
and increases the duration of preservation and freshness with its anti-staling effect.

LESAFFRE Industrie® Frozen dough

Improves frozen dough’s gas retention and hydration, increases the products’ volume.

LESAFFRE Industrie® Extensibility

Improves the dough smoothing and machinability, eliminates dough’s tearing and shrinkage.
To add in addition to your regular improver.

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