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Lesaffre Group, leader in the field of yeast and bread making, Supplier of yeast extracts, bakery yeast, mantou yeast and bread improver.


Official Website of Saf-instant under Lesaffre. Explore Saf-instant history, and kick off Saf-instant journey.

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Official Website of Danbaoli Brand under Lesaffre, including brand spirit, gallery of full series, and news, etc.

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Danbaoli blog

Danbaoli Flour Blog, where there are different kinds of flour recipes, and welcome to share your personal experience.

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Lesaffre Yeast School. Find all knowledge about yeast here, an welcome to explore the big world of small yeast.

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Lesaffre group video

Family group based in northern France, Lesaffre has now become a multi-national and a multicultural company

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Club saf instant

Website of Saf-instant Club. Follow Lesaffre bakers to learn the household baking skill, and share your personal recipes.

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